Our extension are exclusively available for Joomla 3+

Social Business Reviews is developed by Dashbite to bring you the new solution in showing all your reviews information directly from Google Business reviews on your website.  

To install Social Business Reviews Modules:

  1. Login to Joomla administrator control panel
  2. Go to Extensions > Manage
  3. Click on Upload Package File
  4. Select the zip file of the extension and click on Upload & Install 


 How to setup google reviews module

( You must have a google business profile to use our Google Review Module, If not, then first you have to Create a Google Business Profile for your company to be able to let your customer leave google business reviews and be able to display them on our Review module on your website)

Lets begin:
Assuming you already have a google business account with some google reviews for the business that you want to display reviews on your website.

There is only 2 steps:

1. Create a Google API for your website
- Login to your google console and create a new API for the domain where you are going to use the "Google Review Module"
- On this new google api click on library and enable google place library for this new created api!

Ps: If you already have a Google API, make sure you enable google places API library to this API.; By going to your google console click on the API.. then click on library and enable google place library for your api!

If you don’t know how to get a Google Api, please do these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Create your id

See this Video :




2. Google place ID is the numeric represents your Google Business.
If you don’t know how to get it, please do these steps:

  2. Input your bussines name and hit enter. You’ll get your ID:

See this video (if you cant see the video click here)


So then in the Review module setting just enter this 2 ID's, The Google API ID and the Google place ID, That,s it! :)

 How to setup Facebook

You can get facebook page very simple: 

  • Install the module
  • go to the module setting 
  • click on the button login with facebook
  • Allow the access to the application to manage your pages
  • click on the page you want to get reviews from and click on save
  • thats it


How to get your Yelp API

To get Yelp api:

  • Go to
  • create your api
  • copy your api on the module api section
  • Done!

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