Our extension are exclusively available for Joomla 3+

Dash#tags is developed by Dashbite to bring you the new solution in showing all your updating information directly from different social pages on your website.  Combine all of your different social network interactions creating an amazing wall with all your favourite contents! 

Your site’s visitors won’t waste their time to browse another tabs because Dash#tags includes Facebook, Twitter, Google + share links to make you social network streams more interactive, help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic.


Photos and Video Display

Dash#tags will create a photo display consisting of combination of hashtagged photos from ( Instagram and Twitter )

Create multiple galleries broken down by hashtag, Your image display will be regularly refreshed with new images as they are posted.

Responsive Ready

Dash#tags supports a fully responsive photo display layout using a Bootstrap-style grid. Our layout allows you to configure the blocks width visible on different device widths, and will expand to fill up 100% of the available space.

Lighbox and Full

viewView the photos and videos from your social display in a beautiful pop-up lightbox which allows users to experience your content without leaving your site..Create multiple module instances with 1 or different social media feeds to separate your images or video display


To install Dashtags:

  1. Login to Joomla administrator control panel
  2. Go to Extensions > Manage
  3. Click on Upload Package File
  4. Select the zip file of the extension and click on Upload & Install 



How to get your Instagram's user ID

Instagram ID is the numeric represents your account. If you don’t know how to get it, please do these steps:

1. Go to

2. Input your username and hit enter. You’ll get your ID:

Creating Your Own Instagram API Client ID & Access Token
In order to use the Instagram feed you must first create your own "Client ID"

  • Go to
  • Click "Register Your Application"
  • On the Developer signup page complete the form
  • Read and accept the terms & conditions and then click "sign up"
  • If the signup page is submitted successfully and has been accepted click the "manage clients" tab in the top-right of the header.
  • Click the green button - "Register A New Client.
    • Complete the "Register new OAuth Client" form - e.g:

Application name: social media tabs
Description: create a social stream from multiple networks
Website: enter your website URL - e.g.
OAuthredirect_uri: enter the URL of a page where the social stream is installed - this is required to get your access token, which you can then insert into the instagram options. Once you have the access token you can use this on all pages, which use the social media tabs plugin on the website listed above.

  • Click the "Register" button.
  • Copy your CLIENT ID and paste into the "clientId" option for Instagram.
  • Enter your redirect_uri into the "redirectUrl" option for Instagram.



How to get your access token

  • Browse to the page on your website used for the "redirect_uri" in the Instagram client ID setup (note this page must have the social media tabs installed - using either the network wall or the rotating feed.
  • You will then be redirected to the Instagram login screen (if not already logged in) and then a confirmation screen where you approve your app's access to your Instagram data.
  • Instagram will then automatically redirect you back to your website page given in the "redirect_uri" setting
  • When the page loads check the URL in the browser - you should see the following URL format:
  • Copy the token code after the "http://your-redirect-uri#access_token="


The easy way

this will create your access code... just add it to the dashtags module on the Instagram section and enter your Instagram id.

like this:
(dont enter the client id as is not necessary and use in some cases only)




How to get youtube ID

You can get ID using way following: 

  • Go to
  • Login youtube with your account or you can choose someone youtube
  • Copy & Paste your Youtube ID.
  • Your Youtube ID for your profiles is the long string of character present in the URL of our profile.

Show PinterestSet Show/hide for Pinterest feed

Pinterest IDEnter the user name follow by/and then the board name.

How to find your Pinterest ID

You can get ID using way following:

  • Go to
  • Login pinterest with your account
  • Choose your profile of you & pin or your Pinterest or access of someone you wanted.
  • Copy & Paste your Pinterest ID.
  • Your Pinterest ID for your profiles is the long string of character present in the URL of our profile.

Show Tweet - Set Show/Hide Twitter feed.

Twitter ID - Enter the Twitter username.

Twitter consumer key> - Twitter consumer key.

Twitter consumer key secret - Twitter consumer key secret.

Twitter Oauth access tokenTwitter Oauth access token.

Twitter Oauth access token secret - Twitter Oauth access token secret

How to get your Facebook ID

  • You can get ID using way following:
  • Go to
  • Login facebook with your account
  • Copy & Paste your Facebook ID.
  • Your Facebook ID for your profiles is the long string of numbers present in the URL of our profile.

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