Where are social extensions for About v1 ?? Where are social extensions for About v1 ??

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I'm very interesting by your extension. However, I can't found social extensions (jomsocial particulary) despite of your sentence (Plugins sold separately).

That's really developped and where can I view their features ??

Thanks inj advance.

Best regards.

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    Wednesday, March 23 2016, 02:26 PM - #Permalink
    Hi David

    Sorry for the delay on this.. We are adding this plugin information to the site but basically..

    It fetches:
    - avatar
    - cover image
    - about me
    - some fields like (gender,birthday,mobile,landphone,address,state,city,website)
    - image gallery
    - events
    - user status.

    I hope that helps

    Best Regards,

    Dashbite team
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