nothing works! nothing works!

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nothing works!

cant create events or groups... cant upload pics for the cover. Avater upload does functionally ... sometimes. The generell installation from this software is..... 5times installed and 4 times install error... rly great. some small bugs? serious? i Paid 80€ for how? a software that doesnt work...rly great
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    Monday, October 30 2017, 12:02 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Herbert,

    We dont work on weekend or Holidays.

    Please open a ticket support to assign a technician on a business day to investigate your issue.

    When open your ticket support please provide :

    - Full details of your issues
    - Joomla admin login
    - ftp

    - We don not support localhost
    - Please make sure your system is a stable joomla and not buggy website.
    - Make sure that the website you provide is the website where jomwall will be installed or a copy of it.

    you must log on to your account and open a ticket support to ensures the issue or question is assigned to the right technician, this will also keep a record of your request

    Dashbite Team
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