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What should you know about our new partners: DJ-Extensions?

What should you know about our new partners: DJ-Extensions?

DJ-Extensions is a world-wide known developer of professional extensions for Joomla and DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-MediaTools, DJ-ImageSlider, DJ-Tabs and DJ-MegaMenu.

DJ-Extensions believes that simplicity and user-friendliness makes good extension.

They are currently offering 9 premium and 9 free Joomla extensions in their collection.

DJ-Classifieds is the best Premium Classified Ads Joomla extension, created as a powerful tool for building ads section on your Joomla website.

Nothing so smart was never so simple! It'll do all the hard work for you.

This extension is suitable for any category of classified ads websites like real estate, moto and any other type.

It offers a huge list of useful features like:

  • Unlimited extra fields, categories, and adverts.
  • Auctions
  • Easy Payment Plugins
  • Customizable layout
  • 3rd party extensions support
  • Apps (subscription plans, attachments, personal messaging, multi categories, invoicing)
  • Different durations
  • Multifunctional Modules
  • And more!

Learn more about DJ-Classifieds - Ads extension for Joomla.

DJ-Catalog2 is a powerful but easy to use directory/catalogue Joomla solution.

It's purposed for any type of directory website. We can say that DJ-Catalog2 is a mix of product catalogue and e-commerce like features (without payment options).

Catalog extension is very simple to setup, it doesn't require an advanced configuration.

Some of important features are:

  • Frontend management
  • Multilanguage support
  • Extra fields
  • Queries/query cart
  • And more!

Learn more about DJ-Catalog2 - Joomla directory extension.

DJ-ImageSlider is a fantastic, free, responsive slideshow component for Joomla. It can be managed through component and modules. It's one of the most popular extensions in the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory).

DJ-ImageSlider gives the possibility to create unlimited groups and slides and put them anywhere on the site.

Each slide can have a title, description, and link to a Joomla article, menu item, or URL.

DJ-ImageSlider is SEO optimized and uses CSS3 animations.

Learn more about DJ-ImageSlider - free slider Joomla extension.

Another slideshow and gallery extension - DJ-MediaTools is younger brother of DJ-ImageSlider.

It has more features than DJ-ImageSlider, and all the content from DJ-ImageSlider can be easily migrated to DJ-MediaTools component!

DJ-MediaTools is a fully responsive modern media gallery offering a simple album source system.

It gives the possibility to create slideshow and galleries and insert them into articles, modules or create separate component views.

Users are able to display images and videos and source images from:

  • Joomla content/articles ,
  • DJ-Classifieds,
  • DJ-Catalog2,
  • K2,
  • VirtueMart

There are 8 different album layouts available to be used in component view, module or content plugin.

Learn more about DJ-MediaTools - versatile Gallery and Slideshow Joomla extension.

- DJ-Extensions offers a 25% discount coupon:


Coupon code is valid till 27 August 2016.