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Supporting creativity through Joomla!

Supporting creativity through Joomla!

We are living in an era in which over 90% of the time we get bombarded with a multitude of visual stimulants. Vivid banners, flashy TV commercials, glossy photographs which are professionally retouched to resemble the collective idea of beauty, all of these are incorporated into our daily routines and environment. Of course, many artists thrive in the online world and make themselves noticed through their digital art, photography, compositions, etc. Exposure is everything and what better way to shine is there than having active accounts on platforms such as Deviantart or Webtoons (for the quirky spirits that love a good webcomic read) or simply being spoken about in blog articles such as this one.

There is no secret anymore that Joomla! is an incredibly versatile CMS, designed to fold around different requirements and functionalities. From online auction houses to classified ads channels, it can fulfill even the most complex specifications. Looking at the possibilities from the ambitious administrator's point of view, here are but a few reasons why J! should be ideal for fresh talents:

  • Picking the right tools to build your website is a piece of cake (on a canvas LOL). For example, let's say you are passionate about photography; the J! Extension Directory is packed with professional extensions that help you put together online galleries, almost like old school vernissages. People gaze upon the visionary works, share it with others (extra traffic is always welcomed), write about it on other websites and you will get to taste a small drop of fame.

  • The J! Community is very thorough when it comes to new releases and website security. Everything is constantly updated, from compatibility with the latest PHP version to simplified upgrade methods, all of this being tracked on the Announcements section of the official forum.

  • Artists, too, need to pay their rent and bills, so why not implement a headacheless monetizing system? There was once this Confucius gentleman who said that one must "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". This concept is to be considered the Holy Grail of any aspiring artist, even more so that there are now countless ways in turning a hobby into a financially educated long term decision. Some solutions offer built-in credit systems, so that the users can earn money from their sale and the site administration can also keep a certain percent, while others are full fledged online shops for a wider range of digital goods.

Joomla! is able to offer support to a community that believes in the therapeutic powers of art, where cross collaborations (comic book artists often team up with music writers to offer the readers a unique atmosphere) are encouraged and people gradually improve their skills, bring mystery, thrill and joy to viewers. Everybody has the power to create something, so why are YOU still hesitant about this?

Claudia Apostoaei,