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Launching a One-Page Site Using Joomla! Plug-Ins

Launching a One-Page Site Using Joomla! Plug-Ins

As more people are using the Joomla! content management system, the need arose for a plug-in that would make it easy for those who wanted to take advantage of having a one-page site. That prompted the team at Dashbite to develop ABOUT 1.0. Created as way to allow users to launch their site, but built with a robust suite of tools that allow it to be so much more. 

Ease of use was a priority, and ABOUT 1.0 delivers by offering a simple way for anyone to launch a great-looking single-page site in a matter of minutes. No knowledge of complicated coding languages is required. By incorporating a rich editor tool, users have complete control over how they want their site to look and can easily update and modify information as the need arises. For those that already use select other Joomla! extensions, such as JomWALL, Community Builder, Easysocial and Jomsocial, ABOUT 1.0 seamlessly integrates and uses information stored in those extensions to automatically create your profile.

Sharing your presence across multiple social media platforms is a great way for others to stay in touch. If you run a business, it's an important step to expanding your reach and connecting with clients that may prefer one platform over another. However, having multiple profiles can sometimes feel overwhelming. That's why many have turned to having a simple one-page site. 

One-page sites serve the need as an organizational hub of sorts. Working along the same lines as a business card, your site can include relevant information about yourself or your brand, along with links to all of the other platforms that you are currently on. And since you can include a back-link to your one-page site from all of your other sites, you increase the chance of having your pages rank higher in searches, as we all know how much the major search engines prefer backlinks.

Users also have access to a Discover page, as well as a powerful search engine. Every profile is displayed in convenient pagination interface, making it effortless to find and learn about someone new. The powerful search engine provides a way to locate another user just by looking up their name. Also, while other plugins may only allow for a small or half-page profile picture, ABOUT 1.0 users can upload any full page image of their choosing. Profiles are also completely responsive and provide optimal viewing across a wide spectrum of devices. 

ABOUT 1.0 took the concept of the single-page site, and vastly improved upon it. The Joomla! platform is preferred by many for its ease of use, and the team at Dashbite stayed true to that philosophy when building their plug-in. Having a single online hub that organizes all of your social media accounts is something that individuals and businesses can both benefit from.