JomWALL JomWALL 4 Is now here! - Dashbite News


JomWALL 4 Is now here!

JomWALL JomWALL 4 Is now here! - Dashbite News

The 4th generation of JomWALL is now exclusively available for Joomla 3.x users

New JomWALL 4 is here!

with so many new features to enjoy.

JomWALL 4 opens incredible possibilities

 for constructing intranets, and allows you to build almost Instantly social networks and community websites.

Create groups & spark collaborations

groups let your site members of common interests create groups for fun or collaboration. Create open, closed or invite-only groups. Assign group admins to moderate group activities. Invite or eject group members.

Attachments and tools

With JomWALL tools you have an easy way to attach Mp3, Mp4, Sound cloud, Files, Pictures, Links, Jing, Articles, Events and many more... You can share videos from providers like YouTube, Vimeo. Jing (Screen-cast)... and other providers.

Built-in private messaging and Mentions

You can send private messages directly from users activity stream post or from the user wall profile ...simple!. Get your friends involved by mentioning their @names.

Photo, Files and Video Gallery

Share your videos and images with Jomwall gallery each album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such ascomment and like system, photo and video tagging and content discovery modules

And many more powerful features that you can use to make your social media extension work beautifully and professionally. Need any help? Drop by our Ticket system.